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(written from a Production point of view)

Star Trek Pinball was released in 1998 by Interplay for the PC. It was a pinball game in the style of Star Trek: The Original Series.

According to reviews, the game lacked in many qualities, stating it was just a basic game of pinball with a few Star Trek themed sound effects and graphics added. [1]


  • Executive Producer: Trish Wright
  • Producer: Dan Llewellyn, Fred Royal
  • Concept Designer: Alan Barasch
  • 3D Artists for Interplay: Rob Collier, Brandon Macdougall, Jim Hornback
  • 2D Artists: Christopher Jones, Dennis Presnell, Mark Linn, Dany Martinez, Evan Chantland, Kaycee Vardaman, James Harris
  • Sound Effects Editing: Caron Weidner - Eight Ball Sound
  • Audio Mastering: Craig Dunman
  • Dialog Editing: Chris Borders
  • Music Arrangement: Richard Band
  • Star Trek Theme by Alexander Courage
  • QA Director: Chad Allison
  • QA Managers: Colin Totman, Steve Victory
  • QA IS Manager: Frank Pimentel
  • QA IS Techs: Bill Delk, Steve Cabiness, Chris Peak, Anthony Taylor
  • Lead Tester: Doug Finch, Rene Hakiki
  • UK Lead Tester: Justine Mannino
  • Testers: Amy Presnell, Tom Quast, Charles Crail, Eduardo Robles
  • Manual Design & Layout: Ulises Geradrdo
  • Marketing Director: Karen Schohan
  • Marketing Managers: Bill Hamelin, Debbie Brajevich
  • PR Director: Kirk Green
  • PR Manager: Elizabeth Bell
  • Special Thanks to: Kimo Yoshida

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