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Star Trek Nemesis (DVD)

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Star Trek Nemesis DVD cover.jpg

Region 1 cover

Region 1 cover
DVD release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 1
Director: Stuart Baird
Region 1 release date: 20 May 2003
Region 2 release date: 11 August 2003 (UK)
23 July 2004 (Japan "Special Can" edition)
Rating(s): MPAA PG-13 BBFC 12 FSK 12
Reference: ASIN B00005JLRT (region 1)
ASIN B00006FMGL (region 2)
ASIN B0002886WY (region 2, Japan "Special Can" edition)
Year: 2379
Star Trek Nemesis region 2 DVD slipcase cover.jpg

Region 2 slimline cover

Region 2 slimline cover

Star Trek Nemesis was the last of the "basic" movie DVD releases. Unlike the previous releases, the DVD contained some special features.

The Region 2 UK release came in a holographic slipcase. Oddly, the disc and insert portrayed Jean-Luc Picard in a TNG-style Starfleet uniform.

Chapter Title Chapter Title Chapter Title Chapter Title
1 Conspiracy 7 Predator 13 Escape 19 Brace For Impact
2 Blue Skies 8 Praetor Shinzon 14 Rate Of Decay 20 Worth Dying For
3 Positronic Signature 9 Allegiance 15 Battle Stations 21 Face Of The Enemy
4 Unsafe Volocities 10 Not Quite Human 16 But Through A Glass Darkly 22 Journey's End
5 Sailing Into The Unknown 11 Violation 17 Romulan Assistance 23 New Horizons
6 Memory Download 12 The Echo Over The Voice 18 Remember Me? 24 Credits

Special Features

  • Documentaries
    New Frontiers: Stuart Baird on Directing "Nemesis"
    A Bold Vision of the Final Frontier
    A Star Trek Family's Final Journey
    Red Alert! Shooting the Action of "Nemesis"
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Photo Gallery

Special Edition

Star Trek Nemesis (DVD) (Japan)

Japanese three-disc "Special Can DVD Box".

In Japan (region 2), this edition saw a three-disc "Special Can DVD Box" release in 2004, limited to 5,000 copies. Apart from the feature and the special features (each on a separate disc), a third disc was included containing the episodes:

The release was packaged in a circular hard plastic standing disc holder, supposedly a desktop ornament.

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