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Issue 97 of Star Trek Monthly was the October 2002 issue.


Captain's Log
Toby Weidmann on how events in this issue fell perfectly into place.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Rick Berman – "Surprise Surprise"
by Ian Spelling.
A Piece of the Action
Random Thoughts
George Takei.
Command Decision
K. Stoddard Hayes looks at the captain's role in the Star Trek universe.
Interview – Patrick Stewart – "Mon Capitan"
by Toby Weidmann.
Connor Trinneer as Trip Tucker.
A Fistful of Data
"Deadlock", Enterprise at Warp 5.
Interview – Nicole de Boer – "Dax Entertainment"
by Ian Spelling.
To Err is Human
Michael A. Martin looks at mistakes and bad decisions made in the Star Trek universe.
Make it So
Andy Lane looks back at Star Trek: The Next Generation.
Interview – John de Lancie – "Jumping the Q"
by Ian Spelling.
Station to Station
Which department suits you best?
From the Replicator
On Screen: Enterprise volumes 1.8-1.10, The Next Generation rerelease volume 5.6.
Read Out: release schedule only.
Hollow Pursuits
Top 10: Alien captains.
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Issue 97 – October 2002
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