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Issue 88 of Star Trek Monthly was the February 2002 issue.


First Contact
Nick Jones on anticipation, this issue's contents, and looking forward to the next year.
The Best of All Worlds
Random Thoughts
William Sadler.
Retcon Tricks
Nick Jones investigates the retroactive introdution of new facets of the Star Trek universe in the early episodes of Enterprise.
Interview – Scott Bakula – "Archer's Aim"
by Ian Spelling.
Parallel Universes
Michael A. Martin looks at the history of Human spaceflight in Star Trek and in reality.
Anthony Montgomery, Scott Bakula, and Jolene Blalock as Travis Mayweather, Jonathan Archer and T'Pol.
Larger version of cover image.
A Fistful of Data
How did Seven of Nine know about the events of Star Trek: First Contact?, shields in "In the Flesh".
Far Beyond the Stars
K. Stoddard Hayes looks at discovery and exploration in Star Trek.
Mutual Admiration Society
K. Stoddard Hayes investigates the connections between Star Trek and the astronomy community.
Interview – Anthony Montgomery – "Driving Ambition"
by Abbie Bernstein.
From the Replicator
On Screen: Voyager volume 7.12.
Read Out: Forgiveness; Broken Bow, No Man's Land, Cold Wars.
Hollow Pursuits
Alien of the Month: Ferengi.
Top 10: Holographic programs we wish had never been written.
Close Encounters: "Amok Time", Spock explains pon farr to Kirk.
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