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Issue 107 of Star Trek Monthly was the August 2003 issue.


Captain's Log
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Rick Berman – "High Stakes"
by Ian Spelling.
And Finale...
Penny Juday reports from the set of "The Expanse".
Interview – Patrick Stewart – "The 11th Hour"
by Ian Spelling.
You've Got to Have Faith
K. Stoddard Hayes looks at religion and theology in Star Trek.
Star Trek Nemesis promotional image.
Random Thoughts
Jeffrey Combs.
Interview – Tom Hardy – "The Young Pretender"
by Jennifer Jackson.
Sign Language
Penny Juday investigates the more well-known symbols seen in Star Trek.
Interview – George Takei and [{Walter Koenig]] –"Helm Control"
by Nick Joy and Walter Koenig.
The two separate interviews appear on alternate pages.
From the Replicator
James Swallow reviews CCG: Energize.
Star Trek Nemesis DVD.
Read Out: Some Assembly Required, No Surrender, The Left Hand of Destiny (Editor's Choice).
Channel Open
New feature, an open discussion forum for readers to suggest ways of improving the franchise.
A Fistful of Data
Bridge location, USS Enterprise-E armed with quantum torpedoes?, number of ships in Starfleet.
Hollow Pursuits
Aliens of the Month: "Cold Front" pilgrims.
Top 10: Most religious aliens.
Close Encounters: "Blink of an Eye", Gotana-Retz and the crew of Voyager.
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