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The Star Trek Monthly Comic was a magazine published by Trident Comics in 1992. It was printed on letter-sized paper, and featured serialized reprints of some of the DC Comics Star Trek titles.

There were at least eight issues published, and they reprinted fifteen issues from DC's first and second volumes in that period of time.


Issue # Released Cover Contents
1 March 1992 Trident comic 1 cover 1st series:
2 April 1992 Trident comic 2 cover 1st series:
3 May 1992 Trident comic 3 cover 1st series:
4 June 1992 Trident comic 4 cover 1st series:
5 July 1992 Trident comic 5 cover 1st series:

2nd series:

6 August 1992 Trident comic 6 cover 1st series:

2nd series

7 September 1992 Trident comic 7 cover 1st series:

2nd series:

8 November 1992 Trident comic 8 cover 1st series:

2nd series:

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