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Issue 177 of Star Trek Magazine is the July 2014 issue, which came in two cover variants, a regular one and with an "Exclusive Comic Store Edition Cover".


Hailing Frequencies

  • Status Report- Destination
    • Star Trek 3, pp. 6-7
    • Taking the Con, p. 7
    • A Blunt Instrument- Patrick Stewart back on TV, p. 8
    • What, no prune juice?!, p. 8
    • Hide and Seek- Innovative First for New Novel Series, p. 8
    • Self Reliant-Build-your-own movie starship, p. 8
    • In Bloom(ington)- Star Trek: The Exibition hits Minnesota, p. 8
  • Sensor Log, p. 12
  • Treknology
  • Quark's Bar, pp. 90-93
  • Fistful of Data, pp. 94-96
  • Starship Trekkers, p. 97



  • "Trek Britain: 45 years on British TV", Paul F. Cockburn, pp. 28-33
  • "Star Trek Scrapbook", pp. 34-39
  • "Star Trek Comics: Four-color Flashback At The Crossroads", pp. 40-47
  • "Star Trek Online: Dove", Christine Thompson, pp. 54-58
  • "Assimilate This!", pp. 78-82
  • "50 reason why", pp. 84-87

The Enterprise at 50: All I ask Is A Tall Ship, pp. 18-26

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