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Issue 122 of Star Trek Magazine was the August/September 2005 issue. The regular "A Fistful of Data" feature does not appear in this issue.


Captain's Log
Observer Effect: John Freeman on how Star Trek will stay in the public consciousness despite Enterprise's cancellation.
The Best of All Worlds
  • Star Trek XI to be filmed in Australia?
  • Fan event to mark end of Enterprise.
  • Trek Nation nears completion.
  • Terra Nova convention.
  • Treknology: Astronaut Hall of Fame induction, holograms, voice control, astronauts appear in "These Are the Voyages...".
  • In Brief: Sky One buys Threshold, Frank Gorshin remembered.
Interview – Rick Berman – "Ending Enterprise"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Scott Bakula – "Final Voyage"
by Ian Spelling.
One Last Mission
Ian Spelling reports from the set of "These Are the Voyages...".
Interview – Peter Weller – "Rebel Rouser"
by Sandy Stone.
Interview – Jonathan Frakes – "Director Action!"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – Dave Rossi – "Fantastic Tour"
by Ian Spelling.
Enterprise celebration poster.
Grand Slam 2005
Abbie Bernstein reports from the convention.
It's a Wrap!
Images and quotes from the Star Trek: Enterprise wrap party.
Interview – J. Paul Boehmer – "An Officer and a Vulcan"
by Nick Joy.
The Four Colour Frontier
Rich Handley looks at the history of the Star Trek comics.
From the Replicator
Keith R.A. DeCandido talks about the creation of his Star Trek novels.
Voyager season seven DVD set, Enterprise season two DVD set, Star Trek: First Contact (Special Edition)
Taking Wing, Ex Machina, Captain's Blood, Engines of Destiny, From Sawdust to Stardust
Model Matters: Mat Irvine reports on the state of Star Trek model kits.
TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise".
Tower of Commerce
Readers' Poll
Be My Guest
Menina Fortunato.
New feature, splitting out from "A Fistful of Data":
Larry Nemecek on the dust settling.
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Issue 122 – August/September 2005
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