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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

Issue 120 of Star Trek Magazine was the April/May 2005 issue.


Captain's Log
All Our Yesterdays: John Freeman on the cancellation of Star Trek: Enterprise, and looking back at 10 years of the magazine.
The Best of All Worlds
Interview - Rick Berman - "The End of Star Trek: Enterprise"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview - Anthony Montgomery - "Steady at the Helm"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview - LeVar Burton - "Director's Vision"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview - Dan Curry - "A Designer's Passion"
by Wendy Butler.
Gene Warriors or Species Saviours?
K. Stoddard Hayes looks at the genetically engineered.
Interview - Hagan Beggs - "Whatever Happened to... Hagan Beggs?"
by Frank Garcia.
Interview - George Takei - "To the Stars with Sulu"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview - Bobbi Sue Luther - "Slave to Love"
by David Bassom
A single-page poster of Jolene Blalock and assorted Vulcans from filming of "Kir'Shara", and a double-page spotlight on Bobbi Sue Luther's Orion slave girl.
Standing United
Abbie Bernstein reports from the set of "United".
Interview - Jeffrey Combs - "The Many Faces of Jeffrey Combs"
by Abbie Bernstein.
Random Thoughts
Lawrence Monoson.
From the Replicator
Una McCormack talks about how she became a Star Trek author.
New releases schedule.
Wildfire, Exodus, Spirit Walk.
Voyager season six DVD set.
Decipher's CCG plans for 2005.
STM's Ten-Year Mission
Former and current editors and staff discuss the evolution of the magazine.
TOS: "Space Seed".
Behind The Scenes: Visual Effects, William S. McCullars and Curt McAloney
A Fistful of Data
Assignment patches, J. Hayes' death in "Countdown".
Lost and Found: Behind the scenes on "The Chase".
Larry's Trek-Talk
Tower of Commerce
In the Flesh incorporated into this section.
Be My Guest
Joanna Cassidy, by Ian Spelling.
Next Issue

Issue 119 Star Trek Magazine
Issue 120 - April/May 2005
Issue 121

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