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Star Trek III - Three Solitaire Games In One!

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Game box and components

Star Trek III was one of three Star Trek games released in 1985 by West End Games. It was a set of three solitaire games based on the Star Trek universe:

  • Kobayashi Maru allows you, as Saavik, to re-take the opening Starfleet Academy test from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan in its "reprogrammed" and "winnable" form for which Cadet James T. Kirk was responsible, or in its original "no win scenario" version.
  • Free Enterprise pits the USS Enterprise crew against the crew of a Klingon D7 class in a two-week-long race to see which group can best service the Glista, a system of seven commerce-heavy planets (apparently, with VERY fickle tastes in supplies), and thus recruit them for the Federation or the Klingon Empire.
  • The Sherwood Syndrome has the Enterprise crew visiting a Prime Directive-protected planet in its "King Arthur" age called Syngreal. A Federation sociologist has betrayed the Prime Directive and elevated a feudal lord to planetary dictator. You lead the Enterprise crew in a combined mission to (a) rescue the rest of the sociologist's observation party and (b) depose the dictator WITHOUT breaking the Prime Directive.

Each game has its own tokens and descriptive short story to lead the player into the game's back story. Two of the stories were written by John M. Ford.

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