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(written from a Production point of view)


Take command of a starship and outmaneuver the enemies of your race to gain the victory. Hide in asteroid fields, lay a trap with deadly gravitic mines, or battle for planets in this fast-paced, exciting game. This easy-to-learn combat role playing game includes:
78 color playing pieces
A 22" × 33" starfield map
64-page Rulebook
Record-keeping panels and counters
A 20-sided die.
Four games in one, for two or more players ages 12 and up.
The 64-page rulebook includes the rules, scenarios, and ship data for Basic, Advanced, and Expert Starship Tactics and for the Command & Control versions of the game.
Can be played as a stand-alone game, or used to play out Starship Combat for "Star Trek: The Role Playing Game", using the "Command & Control" rules.

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