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Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (expanded soundtrack) is the extended soundtrack to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Produced by Film Score Monthly, with Retrograde Records, the single-disc release contains the complete score to the film, remastered from Dan Wallin's original mixes.

The release includes a 28-page booklet featuring commentary and track-by-track breakdowns.

Track listingEdit

# Title / Runtime
1 Main Title* (3:06)
2 Surprise on Ceti Alpha V (0:45)
3 Khan's Pets (4:19)
4 The Eels of Ceti Alpha V / Kirk in Space Shuttle* (3:53)
5 Enterprise Clears Moorings (3:33)
6 Chekov Lies* (0:40)
7 Spock (1:12)
8 Kirk Takes Command* / He Tasks Me (2:07)
9 Genesis Project† (3:16)
10 Surprise Attack (5:07)
11 Kirk's Explosive Reply (4:01)
12 Inside Regula I (1:35)
13 Brainwashed (1:24)
14 Captain Terrell's Death (1:58)
15 Buried Alive (0:57)
16 The Genesis Cave (1:09)
17 Battle in the Mutara Nebula (8:07)
18 Enterprise Attacks Reliant (1:29)
19 Genesis Countdown (6:34)
20 Spock (Dies)* (1:53)
21 Amazing Grace (1:26)
22 Epilogue* / End Title* (8:41)
23 Epilogue (original version)* / End Title* (7:29)
* Contains "Theme From Star Trek (TV Series)" by Alexander Courage.
Composed and performed by Craig Huxley.

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