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The Star Trek Giant Poster Book was a poster magazine published by Paradise Press in the 1970s. Each issue - or "Voyage" as they were termed - comprised eight pages, featuring articles on various subjects related to Star Trek, as well as images from Star Trek: The Original Series. The issues folded out to a 34"x22.5" poster. A special release of the magazine was published to tie-in with the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Allan Asherman, Doug Drexler and Geoffrey Mandel were also involved with the publication, Drexler and Barlow being approached to edit the publication as a result of the notability of the Star Trek store the pair ran in New York City.


Issue # Cover date Cover Contents
1 Stardate 7609.01 (September 1976) Giant Poster Book issue 1 cover Articles: Spock, USS Enterprise, "The Cage".

Poster: The USS Enterprise trapped in the Tholian web.

2 Stardate 7610.01 (October 1976) Giant Poster Book issue 2 cover Articles: "The City on the Edge of Forever", special effects, the Kirk-Spock-McCoy relationship.

Poster: Kirk, Spock and McCoy (from "Spectre of the Gun").

3 Stardate 7611.01 (November 1976) Giant Poster Book issue 3 cover Articles: Bloopers, "The Trouble with Tribbles", Fizzbin, I'm a doctor, not a....

Poster: Spock at his science station.

4 Stardate 7612.01 (December 1976) Giant Poster Book issue 4 cover Articles: Aliens in Star Trek, Klingons, Romulans, "Journey to Babel".

Poster: Kirk and Kang (from "Day of the Dove").

5 Stardate 7701.01 (January 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 5 cover Articles: Leonard Nimoy interview, Vulcans, Vulcan.

Poster: Spock playing the Vulcan lute.

6 Stardate 7702.01 (February 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 6 cover Articles: "Amok Time", art of Star Trek, phasers, tricorders.

Poster: Kirk and senior staff on the bridge (from "Shore Leave").

7 Stardate 7703.01 (March 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 7 cover Articles: "For the Love of Jim", "The Enemy Within", James T. Kirk.

Poster: Kirk in dress uniform.

8 Stardate 7704.01 (April 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 8 cover Articles: DeForest Kelley interview, Leonard McCoy, medical technology.

Poster: Kirk, McCoy & Rand (from "Miri").

9 Stardate 7705.01 (May 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 9 cover Articles: "Assignment: Earth", the music of Star Trek, Vulcan logic.

Poster: Uhura (from "Mirror, Mirror").

10 Stardate 7706.01 (June 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 10 cover Articles: Report on the Enterprise shooting model and other miniatures at the Smithsonian, "This Side of Paradise".

Poster: Kang and his crew (from "Day of the Dove").

11 Stardate 7707.01 (July 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 11 cover Articles: Leonard Nimoy interview, the miniatures, "The Enterprise Incident".

Poster: Spock.

12 Stardate 7708.01 (August 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 12 cover Articles: Christine Chapel, Uhura and Janice Rand profiled, the heroines of Star Trek, "The Paradise Syndrome".

Poster: Janice Rand.

13 Stardate 7709.01 (September 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 13 cover Articles: Starship Engineering, James Doohan interview, Montgomery Scott.

Poster: Scotty.

14 Stardate 7710.01 (October 1977) Giant Poster Book issue 14 cover Articles: Rules for three-dimensional chess, Federation history, "Where No Man Has Gone Before".

Poster: Kirk & Spock on the bridge.

15 Stardate 7801.10 (January 1978) Giant Poster Book issue 15 cover Articles: Non-humanoid species, "The Conscience of the King", Hikaru Sulu.

Poster: Kirk & Sulu (from "The Squire of Gothos").

16 Stardate 7802.21 (February 1978) Giant Poster Book issue 16 cover Articles: Starfleet imperialism?, "Mirror, Mirror", episode filming.

Poster: Kirk on the ISS Enterprise bridge (from "Mirror, Mirror").

17 Stardate 7804.04 (April 1978) Giant Poster Book issue 17 cover Articles: "With Trek to Eternity", "Space Seed", costumes.

Poster: Enterprise and SS Botany Bay.

The Motion Picture Special None Star Trek The Motion Picture Giant Poster Book cover Poster: Promotional image of cast and Enterprise (as seen on cover).

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