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VCD release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 2
Director: David Carson
Release date: 18 July 1995 (US)
1995 (Europe)
1996 (Italy)
30 July 2001 (Hong Kong)
2002 (Malaysia)
May 2003 (India)
2003 (Turkey)
5 May 2004 (Hong Kong re-release)
Subtitles: Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong)
Dubbed: Turkish (Turkey)
Mandarin Chinese (China)
Reference: 310-690-340-2 (US)
811 2077 (UK)
813 2077 (Germany)
814 2077 (Netherlands)
815 2077 (Italy)
PHE2060 (India)
PDV-1038 (Taiwan)
ISRC: CN-A13-04-01180/V.J9 (China)
Year: 2293, 2371
Star Trek 7 VCD cover (UK).jpg

UK cover

UK cover
Generations CD-i Menu.png

Main menu

Main menu

Star Trek Generations was the VCD release of Star Trek Generations. It was the last Star Trek release in the United States and Europe in this format.

Chapters Edit

This chapter arrangement is from the US/European release. Other releases may differ. For example, the Taiwanese release divides the film into 24 chapters with 12 on each disc.

Disc Scene Title
1 1 Living Legends
2 Distress Call
3 The Next Generation
4 Amargosa Station
5 Emotion Chip
6 The Fire In Which We Burn
7 Quantum Implosion
8 Survivors Of The Lakul
2 9 Stellar Cartography
10 The Predator
11 Klingon Offensive
12 Appointment With Eternity
13 The Nexus
14 The Captain Of The Enterprise
15 History Repeats Itself
16 Only Mortal

Previous release:
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
Star Trek films
Next release:
Star Trek: First Contact

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