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Generations First Contact VHS boxset FS.jpg


VHS release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of tapes: 2
Director: David Carson, Jonathan Frakes
Release date: 4 November 1997
Rating(s): MPAA PG-13
Reference: 154381
ASIN 6304577052 (Fullscreen)
ASIN 6304577079 (Widescreen)
Year: 2293/2371/2373/2063
Generations First Contact VHS boxset WS.jpg

Widescreen edition cover

Widescreen edition cover

Star Trek Generations/Star Trek: First Contact was a VHS boxset of Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: First Contact, each on a separate tape, released in the US in 1997 in both widescreen and fullscreen formats.

Each set came with a "special one-of-a-kind film cel" hand cut from an original print of First Contact.

Generations First Contact VHS boxset WS Alt

View of the other side, showing the Generations tape

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