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Star Trek Fotonovels were a series of twelve books, produced by Mandala Productions and published by Bantam Books during the years 1977-1978. These books were essentially re-tellings of Star Trek: The Original Series episodes in question, with word balloons and text being arranged over the stills from the episode in the style of a comic book or graphic novel. Something of a short-term fad, such books were conceived in the days before the advent of home video, most notably VHS, and quickly fell out of fashion thereafter. No specific order was observed, be it production, or broadcast order-wise. Instead, a random selection, stemming from all three seasons of the Original Series was selected for adaptation, resulting in all three seasons being represented in the twelve-issue run of the publication.

Still, the first six titles of the Bantam editions saw international releases in The Netherlands and Germany, while at least the second title in the series saw a release in the Japanese language.

Releases Edit

No. Cover Title Year Publisher ISBN
1 Star Trek Fotonovel 01 The City on the Edge of Forever 1977 Bantam Books ISBN 0553113453
Star Trek Fotonovel 01(dutch) De Stad aan de Rand van Altijd (Dutch) 1978 Tijdschriften Uitgevers Maatschappij (Dutch) n/a
Star Trek Fotonovel 01(german) Die Stadt am Rande der Ewigkeit (German) 1979 Bastei Verlag (Filmromane No. 71001 – German) ISBN 3404013972
2 Star Trek Fotonovel 02 Where No Man Has Gone Before 1977 Bantam Books ISBN 0553113461
Star Trek Fotonovel 02(dutch) Waar geen Mens is eerder is gegaan (Dutch) 1978 Tijdschriften Uitgevers Maatschappij (Dutch) n/a
Star Trek Fotonovel 02(german) Vorstoß zur Unsterblichkeit (German) 1979 Bastei Verlag (Filmromane No. 71002 – German) ISBN 340401409X
Star Trek Fotonovel 02 (japanese) Dare mo mae ni ika nakatta basho (Japanese) 1980 Tatsumi Mook (Japanese) n/a
3 Star Trek Fotonovel 03 The Trouble with Tribbles 1977 Bantam Books ISBN 055312689X
Star Trek Fotonovel 03(dutch) 'Problemen met de Dribbels (Dutch) 1978 Tijdschriften Uitgevers Maatschappij (Dutch) n/a
Star Trek Fotonovel 03(german) Invasion der Tribbles (German) 1979 Bastei Verlag (Filmromane No. 71005 – German) ISBN 3404014219
4 Star Trek Fotonovel 04 A Taste of Armageddon 1978 Bantam Books ISBN 0553113488
Star Trek Fotonovel 04(dutch) Een Voorproefje van Armageddon (Dutch) 1979 Tijdschriften Uitgevers Maatschappij (Dutch) n/a
Star Trek Fotonovel 04(german) Duell der Planeten (German) Bastei Verlag (Filmromane No. 71006 – German) ISBN 3404014227
5 Star Trek Fotonovel 05 Metamorphosis 1977 Bantam Books ISBN 0553113496
Star Trek Fotonovel 05(dutch) Metamorfose (Dutch) 1979 Tijdschriften Uitgevers Maatschappij (Dutch) n/a
Star Trek Fotonovel 05(german) Das Geschenk der Götter (German) Bastei Verlag (Filmromane No. 71007 – German) ISBN 3404014375
6 Star Trek Fotonovel 06 All Our Yesterdays 1978 Bantam Books ISBN 055311350X
Star Trek Fotonovel 06(dutch) Al onze dagen van Weleer (Dutch) 1979 Tijdschriften Uitgevers Maatschappij (Dutch) n/a
Star Trek Fotonovel 06(german) Flucht aus der Vergangenheit (German) 1980 Bastei Verlag (Filmromane No. 71008 – German) ISBN 3404014383
7 Star Trek Fotonovel 07 The Galileo Seven 1978 Bantam Books ISBN 0553120417
8 Star Trek Fotonovel 08 A Piece of the Action ISBN 0553120220
9 Star Trek Fotonovel 09 The Devil in the Dark ISBN 0553120212
10 Star Trek Fotonovel 10 Day of the Dove ISBN 0553120174
11 Star Trek Fotonovel 11 The Deadly Years ISBN 055312028X
12 Star Trek Fotonovel 12 Amok Time ISBN 0553120123

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