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Star Trek Earth Tour was a traveling exhibition that toured North America during the year 1993. Organized by Paramount Production/Show Services and Paramount Parks Entertainment, the exhibition only landed at the five entertainment parks owned at the time by Paramount Communications (the former Gulf+Western Industries, owner of both the movie and television Star Trek properties), where they were open to the public for two weeks before moving on. [1]

The tour was housed in a 2,500-square-foot self-contained walk-through exhibit tent area, that was divided into four sections. Three sections were dedicated to the television shows, Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, whereas the fourth was dedicated to the Star Trek films. Featured were costumes, sets, props and other artifacts (but no studio models), some of them actually screen-used, and others replicas, manufactured by, among others Steve Horch. Horch had actually constructed the replicas of the original series captain's chair, and helm and navigational console to that specific end. Discovered by Mike Okuda, they were rented from him several months earlier, for actual use in the Next Generation episode "Relics", and were returned to him as bona-fide screen-used set pieces. Together with the wedge-shaped bridge section, the studio itself constructed for the episode, they were showcased to the public in the Earth Tour. [2]

Cheralyn Lambeth from Paramount Show Services served as one of the production supervisors on the tour, building costumes and props. [3] Long time Star Trek Production Designer Herman F. Zimmerman, created the scenic envelope by arranging the exhibit in such a way that visitors were immersed in a Star Trek environment. [4] Zimmerman reprised that role for the later Star Trek exhibitions as well. George Takei made a personal preview event appearance at the Kings Dominion venue. [5]

The format given to this tour, served as the template for all the subsequent exhibition tours that followed suit.


In chronological order, dates provided where known.
Park City Opened Closed
Kings Island [6] Mason, Ohio 28 May 1993 13 June 1993
Carowinds [7] Charlotte, North Carolina 4 July 1993
Kings Dominion [8] Doswell, Virginia 10 July 1993 25 July 1993
Great America [9] San Jose, California 20 August 1993 6 September 1993
Canada’s Wonderland [10] Vaughan, Canada ‎ 26 September 1993

The Carowinds location later housed the 2004-2008 Borg Assimilator roller coaster ride attraction.

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