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Star Trek - The Seven of Nine Collection

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Star Trek - The Seven of Nine Collection was a series of two VHS collections released by Paramount Home Entertainment in 1999 and 2000, focusing on the character of Seven of Nine.

The success of the first volume prompted the release of the second. The second volume is unusual, as it contains episodes that chronologically should fit into the first.


Catalog Number Cover Number of tapes Contents Certificate Release Date
Volume 1
VHR 4939 Seven of Nine collection Vol 1 cover 3 Tape 1:
"Revulsion", "Retrospect", "One"
PG 1 November 1999
Tape 2:
"Hope and Fear", "Night", "Drone"
Tape 3:
"Infinite Regress", "Bliss"
Volume 2
VHR 5020 Seven of Nine collection Vol 2 cover 3 Tape 1:
"Scorpion", "Scorpion, Part II" (in feature-length form), "Scientific Method"
PG 11 December 2000
Tape 2:
"Dark Frontier", "Think Tank"
Tape 3:
"Survival Instinct", "The Voyager Conspiracy"

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