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VHS release
Series: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY
No. of episodes: 5 (3 feature-length) (US)
6 (3 feature-length) (Australia)
No. of tapes: 4
Release date: 20 August 1996
Australian release date: October 1998
Rating(s): OFLC PG
Reference: ASIN 6304111037 (US)
VSP 3406 (Australia)
Star Trek The Premiere Episodes VHS Australia.jpg

Australian cover

Australian cover

Star Trek - The Premiere Episodes was a VHS collection which featured the pilot episodes of the first four live-action Star Trek series. It was released in the US by Paramount Home Video and in Australia by CIC Video.


US releaseEdit

This compilation was one of two US releases (the other being The Beginnings set) to include the two Original Series pilots on a single tape. Previous releases had featured a single episode on each tape.

Two tapes also featured the pilot episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, both of which had been previously available as individual releases.

Similar in content to the earlier Star Trek - The Beginnings collection, this release added the pilot episode "Caretaker" from Star Trek: Voyager, the fourth and (then) most recent live-action series. This cassette featured cover art which was unique to this set.

Tape Cover
1 TOS Pilots US VHS
TOS: "The Cage"
TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
2 TNG 001 US VHS
TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint"
3 DS9 001 US VHS
DS9: "Emissary"
4 VOY Pilot US VHS
VOY: "Caretaker"

Australian releaseEdit

The Australian release was somewhat different. While it did use a similar box design the first volumes from each of the series Australian releases were included instead. As a result the set comes with the first three episodes (in production order) of Star Trek: The Original Series.

There also appears to be an error on the packaging as it claims to include the same episodes as the US release but this does not match the contents.

TOS: "The Cage"
TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
TOS: "The Corbomite Maneuver"
TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint"
DS9: "Emissary"
VOY: "Caretaker"

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