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VHS release
Series: TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY
No. of episodes: 4 (1 feature-length)
No. of tapes: 4
Release date: 23 July 1996
Rating(s): OFLC PG
Reference: ASIN 6304075251 (US)
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Australian cover

Australian cover

Star Trek - The Captains Collection was a VHS release of four Star Trek episodes that highlighted the four captains at that time. It was released before its LaserDisc counterpart.

The set was also given a release in Australia by CIC Video with the same episodes (one on each tape) and cover art.

The American and Australian versions of the set can be distinguished by the color of the packaging: American sets are blue and Australian sets are purple.


Tape Captain Episode Rating (Australia)
1 James T. Kirk
TOS: "Obsession"
2 Jean-Luc Picard
TNG: "Family"
3 Benjamin Sisko
DS9: "The Adversary"
4 Kathryn Janeway
VOY: "Caretaker"

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