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Star Trek - Symphonic Suites, Volume One was a soundtrack album released by Label X Records. This was a rerecording and rearrangement of the original score of the Star Trek: The Original Series episodes "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" and "The Paradise Syndrome", to form complete suites for each episode.

Track listing Edit

# Title/Runtime
1 "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" Suite (21:05)

(Enter Miranda/Ambassador Arrival/McCoy's Toast/Quite a Woman/Marvick Pleads/Marvick Mad/Marvick Berserk/Marvick Dies/Sentimental Jim/Blind Miranda/No Change/Miranda Mad/Miranda's Farewell)

2 "The Paradise Syndrome" Suite (21:45)

(Pine Trees/The Amerinds/Tahiti Syndrome/The Brain Wash/Miramanee/Breath of Life/The New God/Dilithium Problem/Wash Day/Salish Fluffed/Potter Kirk/Naming the God/Joining Day/Challenge/The Ceremony/Birth Announcement/False God/Death of Miramanee)

Total running time: 43:28

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