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Star Trek - Original Television Soundtrack, Volume Three was a soundtrack album, released in 1992 by GNP Crescendo Records. It included the original score from two episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series - "Shore Leave" and "The Naked Time". It was the final Original Series soundtrack released by GNP (although their master tapes would be used by La-La Land Records to produce the Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack Collection).

Track listing Edit

# Title/Runtime
1 Star Trek Main Title* (0:52)
"Shore Leave"
2 New Planet/Rabbit/School Chum (4:10)
3 Old English (2:12)
4 Ruth (2:38)
5 Knight/Joust (1:28)
6 A Clue/Finnigan's Return/Leg Trick/Dirty Trick/Tiger's Thoughts/2nd Samurai (4:37)
7 Caretaker/Lazarus (2:03)
8 2nd Ruth (0:52)
9 Trailer (1:03)
"The Naked Time"
10 Brass Monkeys* (1:29)
11 Joe Berserk (3:05)
12 Sulu Finks Out (0:43)
13 D'Artagnan/Banana Farm (3:18)
14 Out of Control/Lurch Time/Punchy Kid (1:49)
15 Party Time (1:35)
16 Medicine Girl (4:30)
17 Hot Sun/Off the Cloud (1:06)
18 Captain's Wig (4:01)
19 The Big Go (2:42)
20 Time Reverse/Future Risk (1:44)
21 Star Trek End Credit* [1] (0:46)
Total running time: 46:43
* - Contains "Theme from Star Trek" by Alexander Courage
  1. While included with this disc, this version of the end credit was only used in "Where No Man Has Gone Before".

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