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Star Trek - Newly Recorded Music, Volume Two

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Star Trek - Newly Recorded Music, Volume Two was a soundtrack album released by Varèse Sarabande Records in 1990. It was a re-recording of the original score for the Star Trek: The Original Series episodes "Mirror, Mirror", "By Any Other Name", "The Trouble with Tribbles", and "The Empath"; however, unlike the later Symphonic Suites releases by Label X Records, the individual cues were kept separate.

The score originally recorded for "The Trouble with Tribbles" was later released by GNP Crescendo Records on The Best of Star Trek, Volume Two.

Track listing

# Title / Runtime
1 Main Title and Closing Theme (1:21)
"By Any Other Name"
2 Neutralizer / Kelvan Theme / More Neutralizers / Broken Blocks (3:41)
3 Rojan's Revenge / Rojan's Blocs / Pretty Words / Rojan's Victory / Finale (5:52)
"The Trouble with Tribbles"
4 A Matter of Pride / No Tribble At All / Big Fight (4:19)
"Mirror, Mirror"
5 Mirror, Mirror / Black Ship Theme / The Agonizer / Meet Marlena (4:39)
6 Black Ship Tension / Goodbye Marlena / Short Curtain (3:52)
"The Empath"
7 Enter Gem / Kirk Healed (2:07)
8 Vian Lab / The Subjects / Cave Exit / Star Trek Chase (3:37)
9 Help Him / Spock Stuck / McCoy Tortured (5:18)
10 Time Grows Short (5:06)
11 Vian's Farewell / Empath Finale (2:20)
Total running time: 41:52

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Star Trek - Newly Recorded Music, Volume One
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Star Trek - Original Television Soundtrack, Volume Two

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