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(written from a Production point of view)

The Star Trek movie trading card set is a release from Rittenhouse Archives. The entire production run sold out before release. [1]

Base set

Card # Title Card # Title

Chase cards

Card # Title Card # Title
Star Trek Movie Stars Cards (1:6 packs)
S01 Kirk S06 Uhura
S02 Spock S07 Chekov
S03 Bones S08 Pike
S04 Scotty S09 Nero
S05 Sulu
Behind the Scenes with J.J. Abrams (1:9 packs)
B1   B4  
B2   B5  
B3   B6  
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 Cards (1:9 packs)
E1   E4  
E2   E5  
E3   E6  
Costume Cards
- Kirk - Bones
- Spock - Pike
- Uhura - Nero
- Sulu - Cadet uniform (male)
- Chekov - Cadet uniform (female)
- Scotty
Autograph Cards
- Chris Pine
Very limited
- Chris Hemsworth
- Zachary Quinto
- Jacob Kogan
- Anton Yelchin
- John Cho
- Karl Urban
- Simon Pegg
- Bruce Greenwood
- J.J. Abrams
Very limited
- Zoe Saldana
- Roberto Orci
Very limited
- Eric Bana
- Alex Kurtzman
Very limited
- Faran Tahir
Case Incentive Cards
- Starfleet Briefcase Relic Card
Retailer incentive for purchasing 3 cases
250 produced
- Starfleet Delta Shield Uniform Pin
Retailer incentive for purchasing 6 cases
100 produced
- Star Trek one-sheet poster
Case topper
Promotional Cards
General release
P2 Cadet Kirk
Non-Sport Update magazine, Vol. 20, No. 2
Same as PP4
Collectors' album exclusive
Advanced look set
Sent to major news sites
PP13 Warp Speed
First revealed at WonderCon '09

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