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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

The Star Trek trading card set produced by Topps in 1976 covered all three seasons of The Original Series, and was the first full-color set produced in the US. The card set featured information on cast, characters, episode synopses and props. It was also the first Star Trek set to include chase cards, stickers in this instance. Hikaru Sulu does not appear on any cards in this set, nor is the character referenced.

Base set Edit

Card # Title Card # Title
1 The USS Enterprise 45 A Startling Discovery
2 Captain James T. Kirk 46 McCoy... Insane!
3 Dr. "Bones" McCoy 47 The Guardian of Forever
4 Science Officer Spock 48 Visit to a Hostile City
5 Engineer Scott 49 Mystery at Star Base 6
6 Lieutenant Uhura 50 Fate of Captain Pike
7 Ensign Chekov 51 The Talosians
8 The Phaser - Tomorrow's Weapon 52 Ordeal on Rigel Seven
9 The Shuttle Craft 53 Capturing the Keeper
10 Opponents 54 Blasted by the Enemy
11 Energize! 55 Trapped by the Lizard Creature
12 The Alien Mr. Spock 56 The Gorn Strikes!
13 Men of the Enterprise 57 Earthman's Triumph
14 Story of Voyage One 58 Specimen: Unknown
15 "Live Long and Prosper" 59 Mirror, Mirror
16 View from the Bridge 60 Spock's Wedding
17 Towards the Unknown 61 Strangled by Mr. Spock
18 Enterprise Orbiting Earth 62 Grasp of the Gods
19 The Purple Barrier 63 The Monster Named Nomad
20 Outwitting a God 64 The Companion
21 Planet Delta Vega 65 Journey to Babel
22 Charlie's Law 66 Death Ship
23 Mysterious Cube 67 The Tholian web
24 Dwarfed by the Enemy 68 The Architects of Pain
25 Balok's Alter-Ego 69 The Mugato
26 Last of its Kind 70 The Deadly Years
27 Frozen World 71 Ancient Rome Revisited
28 Spock Loses Control 72 The Melkotian
29 The Naked Time 73 The Vulcan mind meld
30 The Demon Within 74 Possessed by Zargon
31 My Enemy...My Self! 75 Creation of a Humanoid
32 Monster Android 76 Captured by Romulans
33 Korby's Folly 77 A War of Worlds
34 The Duplicate Man 78 Space Brains
35 Balance of Terror 79 I, Yarneg!
36 Attacked by Spores 80 Death in a Single Cell
37 Spock Unwinds! 81 The Uninvited
38 Duel at Gothos 82 The Lights of Zetar
39 Timeship of Lazarus 83 Invaded by Alien Energy
40 Dagger of the Mind 84 Kirk's Deadliest Foe
41 The Lawgivers 85 The Trouble with Tribbles
42 Hunting the Tunnel Monster 86 The Nazi Planet
43 Battling the Horta 87 The Starship Eater
44 Strange Communication 88 Star Trek Lives!

Chase cards Edit

Card # Title Card # Title
Stickers (1:1 pack)
1 James Kirk 12 The Keeper
2 Mr. Spock - Unearthly! 13 Commander Balok
3 Spock of Vulcan 14 The Mugato
4 Dr. "Bones" McCoy 15 Lal, the Interrogator
5 Engineer Scott 16 The Parallel Spock
6 Lieutenant Uhura 17 Ambassador Gav
7 Ensign Chekov 18 Alien Possession!
8 The Starship Enterprise 19 Spock Lives!
9 Kirk Beaming Up! 20 Evil Klingon Kang
10 Star Trek Lives! 21 Spock Forever!
11 Highly Illogical! 22 The Romulan Vessel

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