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Star Trek (Three disc Blu-ray)

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Star Trek 3 disc Blu-ray Region A cover.jpg

Region A cover

Region A cover
Blu-ray Disc release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 3
Director: J.J. Abrams
Region A release date: 17 November 2009
Region B release date: 16 November 2009
Rating(s): MPAA PG-13 BBFC 12 IFCO 12 FSK 12 NICAM 12
Reference: ASIN B001AVCFK6 (region A)
ASIN B002HWRZH0 (Amazon exclusive)
ASIN B002JPYIUM (region B)
Year: 2233/2240s/2250/2255/2258
Star Trek 3 disc Blu-ray Region B cover.jpg

Region B cover

Region B cover
ST09 Blu-ray Disc 1 main menu.jpg

Main menu from Disc 1

Main menu from Disc 1
ST09 Blu-ray Disc 2 main menu.jpg

Main menu from Disc 2

Main menu from Disc 2

Star Trek is a three-disc Blu-ray Disc release of Star Trek. The release includes a digital copy of the film for use on PCs and portable devices. The cover has so-called "augmented reality" features - the use of a webcam presents a three-dimensional holographic tour of the USS Enterprise.

Special features

Disc 1

Disc 2

  • Deleted scenes with optional commentary
    • Spock Birth
    • Klingons Take Over Narada
    • Young Kirk, Johnny and Uncle Frank
    • Amanda and Sarek Argue After Spock Fights
    • Prison Interrogation and Breakout
    • Sarek Gets Amanda
    • Dorm Room and Kobayashi Maru (original version)
    • Kirk Apologizes to the Green Girl
    • Sarek Sees Spock
  • A New Vision
    • Savage Pressure
  • To Boldly Go
    • The Shatner Conundrum
    • Red Shirt Guy
    • The Green Girl
    • Trekker Alert!
  • Starships
    • Warp Explained
    • Paint Job
    • Bridge Construction Accelerated
    • The Captain's Chair
    • Button Acting 101
    • Shuttle Shuffle
    • Narada Construction Accelerated
  • Aliens
    • The Alien Paradox
    • Big-Eyed Girl
    • Big Bro Quinto
    • Klingons
    • Drakoulias Anatomy 101
  • Planets
    • Extra Business
    • Confidentiality
  • Props and Costumes
    • Klingon Wardrobe
  • Ben Burtt and the Sounds of Star Trek
  • Casting
  • Score
  • Gene Roddenberry's Vision
  • Starfleet Vessel Simulator
  • Gag reel

Disc 3

  • Digital copy
  • DVD-Rom features: Star Trek D-A-C XBox 360 demo, PC and PlayStation Network weblinks (Region A only)

Limited editions

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