Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

This trading card set published by Gordon Currie shows a copyright date of 1968 on the back of the cards, but the cards didn't appear until the late 1980s. This set of 8 cards was distributed as a complete set.

Base Set Edit

Card # Title Card # Title Card # Title
Star Trek (Gordon Currie) Capt Kirk Capt. Kirk Star Trek (Gordon Currie) Spock Spock Star Trek (Gordon Currie) Dr McCoy Dr. McCoy
Star Trek (Gordon Currie) Sulu Sulu Star Trek (Gordon Currie) Chekov Chekov Star Trek (Gordon Currie) Uhura Uhura
Star Trek (Gordon Currie) Janice Rand Janice Rand Star Trek (Gordon Currie) Enterprise Enterprise

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