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Star Trek was a comic book series published by DC Comics in the United States of America, running for eighty issues from September 1989 until February 1996.




  1. "The Return!"
  2. "The Sentence"
  3. "Death Before Dishonor"
  4. "Repercussions"
  5. "Fast Friends"
  6. "Cure All"
  7. "Not... Sweeney!"
  8. "Going, Going..."
  9. "... Gone!"
  10. "The First Thing We Do..."
  11. "... Let's Kill All the Lawyers!"
  12. "Trial and Error!"
  13. "A Rude Awakening!"
  14. "Great Expectations!"
  15. "Tomorrow Never Knows!"
  16. "Worldsinger"
  17. "Partners?"
  18. "Partners? The Startling Conclusion!"
  19. "Once a Hero..."
  20. "Gods' Gauntlet Part One"
  21. "Gods Gauntlet - Chapter Two: The Last Stand!"
  22. "Mission: Muddled"
  23. "The Sky Above... The Mudd Below"
  24. "Target: Mudd!"
  25. "Class Reunion"
  26. "Where There's a Will..."
  27. "Secrets..."
  28. "Truth... or Treachery"
  29. "The Price of Admission!"
  30. "Veritas"
  31. "Veritas Part II: Sacrifices and Survivors"
  32. "Veritas Part III: Danger... On Ice!"
  33. "Veritas The Conclusion: Cold Comfort!"
  34. "The Tree of Life, The Branches of Heaven"
  35. "Divide... and Conquer"
  36. "Battle Stations!"
  37. "Prisoners of War?"
  38. "Consequences!"
  39. "Collision Course"
  40. "Showdown!"
  41. "Runaway"
  42. "A Little Adventure!"
  43. "(A Little Adventure...) ... Goes a Long Way! The Conclusion!"
  44. "Acceptable Risk"
  45. "A Little Man-to-Man Talk"
  46. "Deceptions! Part One: Coup D'Etat"
  47. "Deceptions! Part Two"
  48. "Deceptions! Part Three"
  49. "The Peacekeeper Part One"
  50. "The Peacekeeper Part Two: The Conclusion"
  51. "Renegade"
  52. "Epic Proportions"
  53. "Time Crime Part 1"
  54. "Time Crime Part Two: Nightmares!"
  55. "Time Crime Part Three: Time... to Time!"
  56. "Time Crime Part Four: Call Back Yesterday"
  57. "Time Crime The Conclusion: Seems Like Old Times"
  58. "No Compromise Part One"
  59. "No Compromise Part Two"
  60. "No Compromise Part Three: The Conclusion!"
  61. "Door in the Cage"
  62. "The Alone"
  63. "The Alone Part Two"
  64. "Gary"
  65. "Bait... and Switch"
  66. "Rivals Part 1"
  67. "Rivals Part 2"
  68. "Rivals The Conclusion"
  69. "A Wolf... in Cheap Clothing Part One"
  70. "A Wolf... in Cheap Clothing Part Two"
  71. "A Wolf... in Cheap Clothing Part Three"
  72. "A Wolf... in ¢heap Clothing The Conclusion"
  73. "Star-Crossed"
  74. "Star-Crossed Part 2: Loved Not Wisely..."
  75. "Star-Crossed: A Bright Particular Star"
  76. "Prisoners"
  77. "Deadlock"
  78. "The Chosen Part 1: The Hunted"
  79. "The Chosen Part 2: Blood Enemies"
  80. "The Chosen Part 3: Collision Course!"

Other releasesEdit


Starbase 14 
Starbase 14 was destroyed in 2269 by an unknown attacking force originating in the Romulan Neutral Zone. (#79) The attack was later found to have been conducted by Metans, attempting to frame the Romulans. (#80)

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