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DVD release
Series: VOY
No. of episodes: 168 (4 feature-length)
No. of discs: 47
Run time: 129 hours and 42 minutes
Region 1 release date: 7 March 2017
Reference: ASIN B01NAJ4HMI (region 1)
Year: 2371-2378

Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Series is a DVD box set release containing all seven seasons of the series. It is a re-release of Star Trek: Voyager - The Complete Collection and is the first DVD release of Voyager in North America since 2004.

Contents Edit

The episodes on the discs, the order in which they are arranged, and the special features are identical to those in the previous Voyager season box sets and The Complete Collection.

Please refer to the following pages for the discs' episode arrangement:

Packaging Edit

The Complete Series box set contains a slipcover and three standard Epik Pak cases: one containing seasons 1-3, one containing seasons 3-6, and another containing season 7. The new packaging is considered to be sturdier than the plastic cases from 2004 that could break if not handled carefully. The inside of the box underneath the DVD cases contains a picture of the Borg Queen. The DVD menus on the discs are the same as the original 2004 release. [1] [2]