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Star Trek: Voyager – Retribution was a canceled PC game set in the Star Trek: Voyager environment of the Delta Quadrant during the 24th century. It was intended to be the first Voyager video game as well as the second Star Trek game release from publisher Viacom New Media (the first being Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger). The game was originally set for release in 1997, before being canceled.

Instead of controlling a particular character, the player was a third-person controller of USS Voyager's crew. As a "detached party", the player influenced the computerized characters at various decision points, causing them to take a range of different paths in the story. The game also involved solving puzzles, deciding on tactics in both ground- and space-combat, and managing inventory. After a training mission wherein the starship's senior staff assumed bridge stations that were unusual for them to occupy, the game proceeded with a variety of episodes. During the course of the game, the player attempted to track down and rescue the members of an away team from Voyager who had been abducted by a Kazon sect. Along the way, the player would have encountered two entirely new alien lifeforms, the Gudge and the Antekket, who would have shed new light on the overall story. Aside from the Kazon, the game also included Talaxians as well as all nine of Star Trek: Voyager's then-current collection of main characters.

Each member of the series' main cast was scanned into the game using motion capture. It was also planned that they would provide voice-over work for the game, which additionally incorporated direct input from Star Trek: Voyager staffers Michael Westmore and Lisa Klink.

Despite the product's eventual cancellation, early advertisements promoted the game in the US and European releases of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger. Following the cancellation of Star Trek: Voyager - Retribution, Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force became the first Voyager-related video game to be released.

According to the call sheet of Thursday 1 August 1996, a lascer scan was scheduled for background characters. This was done casually during the third day of filming for the Voyager episode "The Swarm". The following cast list was on the call sheet including times for makeup calls and set calls: