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Issue 9 of the Star Trek: The Official Fan Club of the UK Magazine was published in the first quarter of 1996. The cover proclaimed it to be a "Q Special".


Captain's Log
Tim Gaskill on Q and the 30th anniversary.
Subspace Transmissions
Data Bank
Information on the early episodes of DS9 Season 4.
Star Trek: The Exhibition.
Guest Appearance
Richard Arnold answers the most popular questions sent into The Official Fan Club of the UK.
Star Log
Adam Woodyatt.
Martin Jack compares Beverly Crusher with Katherine Pulaski.
Interview - John de Lancie - "The John de Lancie Interview"
by Tim Gaskill & Rod Summers.
Travelling with the Q Continuum
Rod Summers looks at the history of encounters with Q.
Interview - Terry Farrell - "Value Added Dax"
by Tim Gaskill.
Books: The Way of the Warrior, The Escape, Ragnarok, Violations, The Art of Star Trek, The 1996 Star Trek Diary.
Comics: Star Trek: The Next Generation - Beginnings.
Sound Bites
The Ashes of Eden, Prime Directive.
On Screen
Voyager season 1 VHS releases.
Trek Trivia
Star Trek: The Next Generation bloopers and trivia.
Product Debrief
Trivial Pursuit, Star Trek - The Movies (laserdisc).

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