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Issue 10 of the Star Trek: The Official Fan Club of the UK Magazine was published in the second quarter of 1996.


Captain's Log
Tim Gaskill on why Star Trek has remained so popular.
Subspace Transmissions
Data Bank
The London Star Trek Group hosts a private part at Star Trek: The Exhibition.
From Here to Infinity - The Ultimate Voyage.
Richard Arnold and a strange confluence of events at The Changing of the Guard.
Star Trek Mastermind at the Science Museum, London.
Pilot for game show Whatever You Want features Star Trek fans.
Guest Appearance
Bjo Trimble shares her remembrances of Gene Roddenberry.
Star Log
John Carrigan.
In Profile - Marc Alaimo
by Rod Summers.
In Profile - Dwight Schultz
by Stuart Banks.
In Profile - Gene Roddenberry
by Rod Summers, featuring interview extracts from Roddenberry.
Interview - Garrett Wang - "Tacking the Mickey"
by Tim Gaskill.
The wordsearch erroneously puts the clue for "Unification" with the letter 'T' (after stating that no episode begins with the letter 'U'), and omits the clue for "Tin Man" as a result.
The Science of Star Trek
Interview with Bill Kurtis on "The Science of Star Trek" documentary.
by T.R. Hiller.
Product De-Brief
A history of Star Trek computer games and software, by David Simons, covering (amongst others) Star Trek: The Next Generation - A Final Unity, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Harbinger, Star Trek: The Next Generation Interactive Technical Manual, Star Trek Omnipedia and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Voice Print.
I Am Spock, Incident at Arbuk, The Murdered Sun
On Screen
Deep Space Nine volumes 4.1-4.6.
Sound Bites
Spock's World, Crossover.
Product De-Brief
Playmates Toys Classic Star Trek Movies figures, SCKP stamps, TumbleNot mugs, Decipher's Alternate Universe expansion.
Star Trek Trivia
Star Trek: The Next Generation bloopers and trivia, Ermat Zimm.

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Issue 10 (10.03.02)