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The July 1997 issue of the Star Trek: The Official Fan Club of the UK Magazine was published in July 1997. It was the first edition of the magazine published by Titan Magazines following its takeover of the club.

Although the magazine cover - by Alister Pearson - displays the July 1997 date, the interior contents page has June 1997 at its head.


Getting the Warp Engines Back On Line
John Freeman on the takeover, and what is to come.
Interview - D.C. Fontana - "Creating the Classics"
by Tim Gaskill.
Interview - Leonard Nimoy - "Alien Voice"
by Lou Anders.
Double-sided poster: Spock, James T. Kirk.
Interview - Walter Koenig - "Where's Keptin Kirk?"
by David Bassom.
Where No One Has Drawn Before
Rod Summers takes a look at Star Trek: The Animated Series.
Recalling Yesteryear - a transcript of D.C. Fontana's appearance at RecCon in 1992.
Three To Remember - essential episodes: "Yesteryear", "The Ambergris Element", "The Time Trap".
Subspace Transmissions

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