Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

Issue 60 of Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine was the February/March 1988 issue of the regular run.


  • Cover illustration: Andrew Probert
  • "Where No Man...", John S. Davis, p. 1
  • "Star Trek The Next Generation: Designing the 24th Century", pp. 2-7
  • "Walter Koenig: Exploring New Frontiers", Dan Madsen, p. 8
  • "Star Treks", Richard Arnold, p. 9
  • "Rick Berman: Running a Tight Ship, Part One", Dan Madsen, pp. 10-12
  • "William Shatner: Directing Star Trek V", Dan Madsen, p. 13

Issue 59 Star Trek: The Official Fan Club Magazine
Issue 60 - February/March 1988
Issue 61

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