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Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection, Volume Two is a collection of episode scores from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Produced by La-La Land Records, the three-disc release - which is limited to 3,000 units - contains both complete episode scores and selected cues from twenty-six episodes.

The collection was announced on 5 January 2016 by La-La Land Records via Facebook. [1]

Content Edit

Disc One: Music by Dennis McCarthy Edit

  • 1. Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title (2nd Season)
Music by Alexander Courage and Jerry Goldsmith
Arr. Dennis McCarthy
Disc One – Total Time: 77:19

Disc Two: Music by Jay Chattaway Edit

Disc Two – Total Time: 75:34

Disc Three: Unfinished Business Edit

Music by George Romanis
Music by Dennis McCarthy
Music by Dennis McCarthy
Music by Dennis McCarthy
Music by Dennis McCarthy
  • 19. Star Trek: the Next Generation End Title (3rd Season, Short Version)
Music by Jerry Goldsmith, Arr. Dennis McCarthy
Disc Three – Total Time: 75:48

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