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Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Official Poster Magazine

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Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Official Poster Magazine was a magazine published by Visual Imagination in the United Kingdom from May 1991 to December 1995. Each issue consisted of an A1 poster folded into an A4 magazine. The folded sections featured an individual issue focus, and episode guides for one or more episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The episode guides could be assembled into a standard two-ring binder. The magazine ran for 93 issues, with three specials (which were simple reprints of the first three issues).

Initially released monthly, the magazine went to a fortnightly release schedule with issue 5, before returning to monthly releases from issue 79 onward. For a time, the magazine advertised itself as "Britain's ONLY official "Star Trek" magazine", following the end of the Marvel UK Star Trek: The Next Generation magazine.

Strictly speaking, this was true - although Trident Comics' Star Trek and The Next Generation were being released at the time, they were comics rather than magazines.


Issue # Released Cover Poster Feature Episode Guide
1 May 1991 TNG Poster Magazine 1 cover USS Enterprise-D The USS Enterprise-D "Encounter at Farpoint"
2 June 1991 TNG Poster Magazine 2 cover William T. Riker Profile: Will Riker "The Naked Now", "Code of Honor"
1 July 1995 No image yet. Reprint of issue #1
2   No image yet. Reprint of issue #2
3   No image yet. Reprint of issue #3

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