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TNG Complete 1-7 Region 1.jpg

Region 1 cover

Region 1 cover
DVD release
Series: TNG
No. of episodes: 176 (2 feature-length)
No. of discs: 48
Region 1 release date: 26 October 2004
Region 2 release date: 18 October 2004
Region 4 release date: 6 August 2009
Rating(s): BBFC 12 FSK 12 OFLC M
Reference: ASIN B00062RCBW (region 1)
ASIN B0002TR7P0 (region 2 UK)
ASIN B007H8Y5L8 (Germany "Survival Pack")
ASIN B0000E6EJL (Germany "Series Stick")
Year: 2364-2370
TNG Complete 1-7 Region 2.jpg

Region 2 cover

Region 2 cover
TNG Complete Series DVD Region 4.jpg

Region 4 cover

Region 4 cover

The Star Trek: The Next Generation - Seasons 1-7 DVD collection is a box set containing all seven seasons of Star Trek: The Next Generation.


See individual season entries for contents and special features.


At time of writing, neither the Region 1 or 2 versions of the Complete Seasons 1-7 box-set are available, though individual season releases are.

The Region 1 packaging comprised each individual season in its original packaging placed in a card tray.

Only 1,000 copies of the Region 2 version were made, with each box individually numbered, making it a rare collector's item. It comprised the original grey "hard case" Region 2 releases in a hard cardboard box with a lid. Since its release, the individual box sets for each season have been re-released in new "slimline" packaging, however these versions have not been grouped together for a complete collection box set in Europe.

Prior to the release of the Complete Seasons 1-7, the limited edition Region 2 Borg Mega Cube was released in 2003. This also had a limited run and again packaged all seven seasons together in the original Region 2 hard plastic casing.

There were also two limited edition packages released in Germany. One was the "Survival Pack" that included the seven seasons in the original Region 2 hard plastic casing in a silver briefcase. The other was the "Series Stick" which had the seven season sets packaged with a tall display shelf.

After the release of the Complete Seasons 1-7, a different complete series set was released in 2007 to coincide with the series' 20th Anniversary. This packaged the series differently to either previous Region 1 or 2/4 releases.

The Region 4 version was released two years later and features all of the individual slimline season releases placed in a card tray. A limited edition run of 4000 copies "Ultimate Collection" was also released packaged in a steel box with a certificate of authenticity.

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