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Star Trek: The Next Generation - Mirror Broken is a comic book series from IDW Publishing.

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  • J.K. Woodward commented: "We are tying this story with the DS9 stories, to smooth over the continuity and tie it all together". [1]
  • Scott Tipton commented: "We do play off of the description of the state of the Terran Empire from the DS9 episodes, and explain that all may not have been as people out in deep space believed". David Tipton commented that the story is: "... also is placed in the context of what we learned about what happened to the Mirror Universe from the Deep Space Nine episodes... when DS9 took on the Mirror Universe, they built up a unique storyline that supported multiple episodes". [2]
  • The series will be previewed by a Free Comic Book Day issue. [3]

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Issues Edit

  1. "Issue 1"
  2. "Issue 2"
  3. "Issue 3"
  4. "Issue 4"
  5. "Issue 5"
  6. "Issue 6"

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