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Star Trek: The Next Generation, Volume Three was the third soundtrack release from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Released by GNP Crescendo Records in 1993, it featured the score of the episodes "Yesterday's Enterprise", "Unification I", "Unification II", and "Hollow Pursuits".

Track list Edit

# Title/Runtime
1 Star Trek: The Next Generation Main Title*† (1:50)
"Yesterday's Enterprise"
2 Duality/Enterprise-C (2:55)
3 Averted/Richard/Guinan/Back to Battle/Cmdr. Garrett (4:31)
4 First Kiss/Not to Be/Empty Death/Reporting For Duty (3:45)
5 Klingons/Skin of Teeth (5:42)
"Unification I" and "Unification II"
6 In Case You Forgot (1:36)
7 Sarek (1:46)
8 Sarek Drifts Away (2:34)
9 Another Captain/Food Fight (0:58)
10 Victims of Holography (3:44)
11 Sacrificed/Mind Meld (2:41)
"Hollow Pursuits"
12 Barclay Mitty (2:23)
13 Tissue Samples/Sad Sack/Staff Confab/Hololust (3:01)
14 Lady Gates/Swordplay (2:14)
15 Madame Troi/Blissful/Out of Control/Warp Nine (1:54)
16 Warposity (3:21)
17 Plan 9 (0:19)
18 Star Trek: The Next Generation End Credit† (0:47)
Total running time: 46:01
* - Contains "Theme from Star Trek" by Alexander Courage.
† - Contains "Theme from Star Trek: The Motion Picture" by Jerry Goldsmith.

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