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Star Trek: The Motion Picture – The Photostory was an adaptation of stills taken from Star Trek: The Motion Picture into a photonovel.

The adaptation is missing several scenes in the film, among them Kirk's discussion with Commander Sonak in the San Francisco air tram station, the death of Sonak in the transporter room, and Decker's interlude with the Ilia probe on the recreation deck.


From the back cover
Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty and he rest of the crew meet their greatest challenge – in all the brilliant color and excitement of the great motion picture hit!

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No internationally translated editions are known to exist, save one. In 1980, on the occasion of the release of The Motion Picture in Japan, a Japanese language version of the photonovel was published in that country as well. The release was accompanied with the stand-alone Japanese translation of Bantam Books' photonovel Where No Man Has Gone Before.

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