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Star Trek: The Motion Picture - The Director's Edition (DVD)

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The Motion Picture Directors Edition DVD cover.jpg


DVD release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 2
Director: Robert Wise
Region 1 release date: 6 November 2001
Region 2 release date: 6 May 2002
Rating(s): MPAA G BBFC U FSK 12
Reference: ASIN B00005JKHP (region 1)
ASIN B00005UO5T (region 2)
Year: 2270s
Star Trek The Motion Picture Director's Edition DVD Main Menu.jpg

Main menu from Disc 1

Main menu from Disc 1
Star Trek The Motion Picture Director's Edition DVD Disc 2 Main Menu.jpg

Main menu from Disc 2

Main menu from Disc 2

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (The Director's Edition) is a special two-disc widescreen Director's Edition DVD of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, featuring new scenes, enhanced visual effects and a new sound mix. Since no standard edition of the film was released, this was the only version of the film released to DVD until the Region 2 Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection included the original theatrical edition.


Taken from the back cover
The USS Enterprise proudly soars again in this new, beautifully restored Director's Edition of the original Star Trek movie classic. This new Director's Cut features enhanced visual effects and a new sound mix, supervised by legendary director Robert Wise. When an unidentified alien destroys three powerful Klingon cruisers, Admiral James T. Kirk (William Shatner) returns to the newly transformed USS Enterprise to take command. Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Kelley and the cast from the acclaimed original Star Trek television series mobilize at warp speed to stop the alien intruder from its relentless flight toward Earth.
Taken from the interior booklet
A Sub-Space Communication from the Director...
It isn't often that an artist gets to revisit an old work, and ordinarily, I wouldn't consider it. Art, and especially film, which is an inherently collaborative medium, is not created in a vacuum. Rather, it results from a combination of forces and personalities, coupled with limitations of time, budget, and technology, which all converge in a way that is unique to a moment in time. Gene Roddenberry seemed to understand concepts like this, and he also believed, if STAR TREK is to be accepted as a mirror of his imagination, that time travel would one day be a reality. My experience in creating "The Director's Edition" of STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE has come closer to that reality than I ever imagined.
STAR TREK was a prestigious film for Paramount Pictures, and their support was unswerving. Unfortunately, even they couldn't stop the clock from ticking, and as we began to assess the ambitious technological breakthroughs we were attempting, we gradually realized that it was going to be a race. Thanks to a dedicated cast and crew who worked far beyond the call of duty, we survived the chaos of our final weeks and delivered a movie on the date promised...December 7, 1979. We had removed several key dialog scenes in order to accommodate our incoming effects work, but no time remained to work on properly balancing these two components.
Thanks once again to Paramount's support, we have been able to complete the film as "The Director's Edition." In addition to finding a new, and I feel, proper editorial balance for the film, we have also completed those effects shots and scenes which we had to abort in 1979, and have given the film a proper final sound mix. It has been an opportunity which I never believed would happen, and one for which I am grateful beyond words. Gene Roddenberry was right... time travel IS possible.
- Robert Wise


Like most DVDs, the film has been sectioned into chapters, similar to tracks on a CD. The titles of these chapters are listed below.

Scene Title
1 Overture
2 Main Title
3 Klingon Battle
4 Vulcan
5 Starfleet Headquarters
6 The New Enterprise
7 Welcome Aboard
8 Transporter Malfunction
9 Mission Briefing
10 The Navigator Ilia
11 Friends Reunited
12 Ready For Departure
13 The Wormhole
14 Decker Speaks Freely
15 Spock's Arrival
16 Warp Speed
17 Red Alert
18 The Intruder Communicates
19 Entering The Cloud
20 The Alien Vessel
21 Plasma Probe
22 Into The Maw
23 The Probe
24 Memory Patterns
25 Spock's Journey
26 Simple Feeling
27 Entering Earth Orbit
28 The Orifice Opens
29 V'ger Revealed
30 A New Life Form
31 End Credits
32 Director's Edition Credits

Special Features

Disc One

Disc Two


  • A Bold New Enterprise - A featurette which gives an insight into the creation of the original Star Trek: The Motion Picture.
  • Redirecting The Future - A documentary which focuses on the making of the enhanced Director's Edition, from the concept which Robert Wise approached Paramount with; to the creation of the new CGI effects. Also details the changes between the Director's Edition and the original movie with scene-by-scene comparisons.


  • Teaser trailer
  • Theatrical trailer
  • New Director's Edition trailer
  • Eight television commercials - Trailers which advertise the film's original release. The titles of these commercials are listed below.
Startle Your Senses
Cast/Human Adventure
Spiritual/Startle Your Senses
Startle/Human Adventure
Event/Common Experience
  • Five additional scenes - Additional scenes taken from the 1979 theatrical version which are missing in the Director's Edition. The titles of these scenes are listed below. Also included are various other 'trims' and outtakes which were either shortened, deleted or remade for the Director's Edition.
Vulcan and Starfleet
Attack on the Enterprise
Cloud Journey
V'ger Flyover
The Wing Walk
  • Eleven deleted scenes - Additional scenes taken from the 1983 TV version of the movie. The titles of these scenes are listed below.
Sulu and Ilia #1
Sulu and Ilia #2
Kirk's Quarters
Officers' Lounge
Attack on the Enterprise
Intruder Transmission
A Huge Vessel
Kirk follows Spock
Ilia's Quarters #1
Ilia's Quarters #2
Its Creator Is a Machine
  • Storyboard archive - An assortment of early concept sketches for three scenes - "Vulcan", "Enterprise Departure" and "V'Ger Revealed." These show that the new Vulcan and V'Ger scenes match the director's original vision much better than the theatrical release did.
  • Interactive animated menus
  • Enterprise TV series promo spot - A trailer for Enterprise, which was new at the time of the DVD's release.

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