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Star Trek: The Exhibition

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Star Trek - The Exhibition promo

Exhibition promo image.

You may be looking for Star Trek The Exhibition, the American touring exhibit formerly known as Star Trek The Tour.

Star Trek: The Exhibition was a European touring exhibition in the mid-1990s, featuring accurate reconstructions of the USS Enterprise bridge, and the USS Enterprise-D transporter, as well as extensive prop and studio model displays.

The Edinburgh venue, the opening leg of the European tour, attracted 190,000 visitors. In Edinburgh, the studio models of the four-foot USS Enterprise-D and the Template:ShipClass were also included in the exhibit. However they were pulled from the exhibition as they were needed for the production of DS9: "The Way of the Warrior" and were from Edinburgh onward no longer included in the exhibition tour. (Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models, issue 6, pp. 24-26)


In chronological order, dates provided where known.
Museum Location Opened Closed
City Art Centre Edinburgh, UK 4 February 1995 14 May 1995
Mosney Holiday Village Dublin, Republic of Ireland 27 May 1995 10 September 1995
Science Museum London, UK 11 October 1995 10 March 1996
Museum of Science and Industry Manchester, UK 29 March 1996 14 July 1996
Bournemouth International Centre Bournemouth, UK July 1996 17 September 1996
Josef Haubrich-Kunsthalle Cologne, Germany September 1996 12 January 1997
Gas Hall Museum & Art Gallery Birmingham, UK 14 February 1997 31 May 1997
Hancock Museum Newcastle, UK 14 June 1997 14 September 1997
Kunsthalle Berlin Berlin, Germany September 1997 18 January 1998
Boathouse 6 Portsmouth, UK 9 May 1998 6 September 1998

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