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Star Trek: The Captains' Summit Region 1 Blu-ray cover

Star Trek: The Captains' Summit is a Paramount Pictures Star Trek documentary which was released on Blu-ray video on 12 May 2009 and later on DVD. It was filmed for release with the Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection Blu-ray and DVD sets.

It was also released with the Star Trek: Legends of the Final Frontier Collection Blu-ray and DVD sets in Europe and Japan. It was also released as a stand-alone digital download on Netflix, where it was listed as the "Trekker's Summit".

Whoopi Goldberg hosted William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Leonard Nimoy, and Jonathan Frakes in a seventy-minute round-table discussion centered around performing the role of a Starfleet captain.

The actors recounted many anecdotes regarding the production of their respective Star Trek projects and the aftermath following their tenure as captain.

Prior to its release, Paramount's promotional material referred to this project as "The Star Trek Summit". Host Goldberg also referred to it as "The Star Trek Summit" during the discussion.

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Tim King acted as director and Stephen R. Wolcott produced the film for King Media Services and Paramount Home Entertainment.

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