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Star Trek: Terok Nor is a three-part novel series focusing on the history of Terok Nor and the Occupation of Bajor from both a Bajoran and Cardassian perspective.


Common cover copy
Before the Dominion War and the decimation of Cardassia... before the coming of the Emissary and the discovery of the wormhole... before space station Terok Nor became Deep Space 9... there was the Occupation: the military takeover of an alien planet and the violent insurgency that fought against it. Now that fifty-year tale of warring ideologies, terrorism, greed, secret intelligence, moral compromises, and embattled faiths is at last given its due in the three-book saga of Star Trek's Lost Era...

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  1. Day of the Vipers
  2. Night of the Wolves
  3. Dawn of the Eagles

Background informationEdit

  • As with the Crucible trilogy, the covers designed for the novels by John Picacio form a triptych.
  • The covers of the novels declare the series to be "A saga of The Lost Era".
  • Gul Dukat, Kotan Pa'Dar, Legate Kell, Keeve Falor, Kubus Oak and DaiMon Gart are the only characters to appear in all three Terok Nor novels. Of these, Gart is the only one who never appeared on screen and the only one who is neither Bajoran nor Cardassian.


See: Characters in Day of the Vipers, Characters in Night of the Wolves, Characters in Dawn of the Eagles


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