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Star Trek: Tactics is a multi-player or multi-team game set within the Star Trek "universe" and is produced by WizKids. It premiered at retail in February 2012.

The starter kit and booster pack ships utilize the "Clix" system of game play and are compatible with WizKids' long-running series of "HeroClix" games. In the starter game, two or more players command multi-generational fleets of starships while representing either the Federation Starfleet or the Klingon Defense Force. The duration of a single game is estimated at sixty minutes.

The booster pack ships are sold in sealed "blind boxes" without printed information about which ship is inside, similar to the marketing model used by "gashapon" toy manufacturers in Japan. Unpainted versions of all of the ship molds from the Star Trek: Tactics were previously released in the Star Trek: Fleet Captains base game.

Star Trek: Tactics

Star Trek: Tactics Starter Set

Star Trek Tactics Starter Set

Star Trek: Tactics starter set and booster ships promo

  • Includes two theme dice, a rulebook, a Powers and Abilities card, and two maps

Common starships

Star Trek: Tactics Booster Packs

Common starships

File:Star Trek Tactics set.JPG

Uncommon starships

Rare starships

Star Trek: Tactics Organized Play Kit

Star Trek Tactics Organized Play Kit

Star Trek: Tactics Organized Play Kit with Warship Voyager

  • 100 - Warship Voyager - Intrepid-class (same ship, unique dial) - The promotional Star Trek: Tactics Organized Play Kit was made available to retailers for tournament play in early 2012. Three copies of the Warship Voyager model and five copies of an additional double-sided map were included.
Note: the D7-class and K't'inga-class Klingon ships share the same mold.
Wizkids originally slated the USS Montgolfier to be the non-canon Saber-class USS da Vinci from the "Starfleet Corps of Engineers" novels but licensing limitations prevented this. This is the first appearance of this name and registry, which was created in conjunction with CBS and is a reference to the Montgolfier brothers. [1] Its card lists the registry as NCC-40109 but NCC-94943 is printed on the ship's hull.

Star Trek: Tactics Expansions

Star Trek Tactics Away Team

Star Trek: Tactics Away Team Expansion Pack promo

Star Trek: Tactics is based on an "expandable" board game model, which will allow additional players, locations, and fleets from different factions (such as the Romulan Empire) to combine and create further encounters and battle scenarios.

Away Team Expansion Pack

A seven figure Tactics expansion pack was released in August, 2012. These figures were previously released in the Star Trek: Expeditions game but with different "Clix" bases.

Star Trek: Tactics II

Star Trek Tactics II Starter Set

Star Trek: Tactics II starter set promo

On September 22nd, 2012, WizKids announced a new game with 30+ ships which includes ships from the Vulcan, Ferengi, Cardassian, Dominion, Romulan, and Federation factions. It is slated for release in January, 2013.

Star Trek: Tactics II Starter Set

  • Includes a rulebook, a Powers and Abilities reference card, and two double-sided maps

Common Starships

Star Trek: Tactics II Booster Packs

StarTrek Tactics II promo

Star Trek: Tactics II ships promo

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