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Star Trek: Starship Spotter is an illustrated technical guide to 30 ships from Star Trek. It was written and illustrated by Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz and Robert Bonchune, with the help of Jonathan Lane and Alex Rosenzweig.


The ship types included in this book are:

Background information

  • This book used CGI models from both Digital Muse and Foundation Imaging, where both Bonchune and Lebowitz worked. ("We were both CG Supervisors on Voyager at the time and used the actual computer models from the various Trek series to liven up the book with all sort of tasty imagery.", as Lebowitz stated. [1]) The technical data and construction histories were compiled by Lane and Rosenzweig.
  • The aeroshuttle model made its debut in this book.
  • Reception of the book was mixed at best. Fans waiting for a first dedicated Star Trek starship book were disappointed in both content and format of the book. The second criticism was shared by co-author Lebowitz who commented on his blog, "As you can see from the reviews on Amazon, the book had a lukewarm reception for largely two reasons: print quality and that damn fold down the middle! When Rob and I first saw final copies of the book, we were just as surprised as anyone by the dark, murky images on display – they sure didn't look like that on our screens! Sadly, that had to be chalked up to a learning experience we shared with Pocket Books: images on a computer monitor look very different when they end up in print. As far as the spine of the book providing a lovely fold down the middle of every ship, it was an issue that just didn't become apparent until we actually had the book in our hands, opened it up and went, "uh oh." We were bummed and wished we could have personally provided new & better renders for everyone who bought the book! As fans ourselves, we totally understood people's frustration and disappointment. It was with a heavy heart that we went on our all-expenses paid, world-wide book signing tour, dodging groupies and covergirls every step of the way."

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