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MCD ST Game Front Lo-Rez Scan

Game board and components

The Star Trek: STARFLEET Game is a board game for two to four players. It was produced as a premium for the "Star Trek Meal", the first themed Happy Meal produced by McDonald's restaurants, to coincide with the release of Star Trek: The Motion Picture in December 1979. As such, the board and pieces are themed after the film.

The game play is a simple "follow-the-path" format from start to finish, but allows for multiple possible paths to reach the finish. Movement is determined by a six-sided paper "die" included with the game (the die has two "1" sides, and one each for 2-5). The object is to move your USS Enterprise from the start "Spacedock" space to the finish "V'Ger" space, while encountering help and avoiding obstacles along the way.