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This is a list of characters who have recurring appearances or mentions in the Star Trek: Starfleet Academy series of books set in the alternate reality.

This article lists non-canon information. Additions to the brief character definitions listed here should include only a list of appearances and a short definition of their status as of their last appearance in this series. Other non-canon appearances will not be listed here. If you want to read about their canon information, their names will be hyperlinked to their main article. The specifics of non-canon characters' appearances should be listed in the character section of each audio production, novel, comic book, or game in which they played a role.

Regular characters Edit

James T. Kirk (β)
future youngest captain in Starfleet and CO of the USS Enterprise
Spock (β)
future first officer/Chief Science Officer of the Enterprise
Leonard McCoy (β)
future CMO of the Enterprise
Hikaru Sulu (β)
future helmsman of the Enterprise
Nyota Uhura (β)
future communications officer of the Enterprise
Pavel Chekov (β)
future navigator of the Enterprise

Recurring characters Edit

Finnegan (alternate reality)
Viktor Tikhonov (β), Kirk's frequent nemesis