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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2014)

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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2014) is the 2014 edition of the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series.


Publisher's description
A longtime favorite among serious Trekkers and casual fans alike, the Star Trek 2014 Wall Calendar: Ships of the Line has what you can't get anywhere else – spectacular, eye-popping full-color illustrations of the sleek vessels, monumental space stations, and epic starscapes from across the Star Trek universe. Each spread takes the viewer straight into the very heart of Starfleet.
Fourteen beautifully rendered, all new paintings and digital illustrations feature all the action, space drama, and painstaking detail for which these fan-favorite conceptual artists have become famous within the Star Trek community.
Great moments from Starfleet history – including first encounters, iconic battles, and early milestones in interstellar exploration – are brought to vivid life.
Star Trek: Ships of the Line's horizontal, panoramic format maximizes the image space without sacrificing usability or detail.
Bonus center poster included!

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