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Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2009) is the 2009 edition of the Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar series. Events depicted in this calendar are not considered to be canon.


Publisher's description
Featuring fourteen pieces of Star Trek art not available anywhere else and created exclusively for this calendar, the Star Trek Ships of the Line 2009 Calendar will continue to delight and amaze fans. Displaying remarkable artistry in its unique, dramatic depictions of Star Trek's ships, this calendar is highly anticipated by Star Trek fans each year.

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  • Cover ("Welcome Aboard, Mister Spock") – , by Robert Bonchune
  • January ("Never Been Done") – A Constitution-class vessel flying past an exploding planet, by Aurore de Blois.
  • February ("Falling Prey") – , by Fred Pienkos
  • March ("Too Close to Comfort") – , by Doug Drexler
  • April ("Get Us Out of Here!") – , by José Perez
  • May ("Resistance Not Futile") – , by John Teska
  • June ("Take Her Out") – , by Daren Dochterman
  • Center – ("Stardate: 1966") – , by Sean Jackson
  • July ("A Mission, A Way Home") – The USS Voyager flying over the rings of a planet with two moons in the background, by Michael Stetson.
  • August ("Around the Quadrant in Eighty Days") – A shot of an unknown late 24th century Starfleet ship designated USS Spirit (β) flying at warp, by Mark Rademaker.
  • September ("Exploring Solar Ice Floes") – A USS Enterprise at station keeping below an ice asteroid with Kirk and Spock in EV suits on the ice asteroid, by Doug Drexler.
  • October ("Kobayashi Maru") – Three Klingon vessels flying against a red nebula background with the forward most vessel firing a torpedo from its forward launcher, by Koji Kuramura.
  • November ("The New Ship") – An unidentified shuttle landed at Starfleet Command with a crowd gathering around it, by Andrew Probert.
  • December ("Warp Bubble Test") – A Constitution-class vessel, designated X-17B, in a test chamber surrounded by a blue ring, by Pierre Drolet.

Background information Edit

For the 2014 edition of the Ships of the Line, several images were re-named:

    • Bonchune's "Welcome Aboard, Mister Spock" to "Surprise Visitor"
    • Drexler's "Exploring Solar Ice Floes" to "Diamonds Are Forever"
    • Drolet's "Warp Bubble Test" to "Wind Tunnel"

The centerfold and November images would not appear in the 2014 edition of the Ships of the Line.


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